Your Hub Solution in Latin America


Daniel Global is your single expressway for all IP needs.

Patent Prosecution

Patent Litigation

Brand Protection

& Anti-conterfeiting

Industrial Designs

Trademark Litigation

Trademark Prosecution


& Commercial Transactions

Technology, Privacy

and Data Protection


A strategic entry point to Latin American markets for companies worldwide.

Daniel Global Hub operations are designed to provide a high level of excellence in the provision of IP services in all our HUB countries, based on agreements signed with our entire network of partners and a strict quality control through our own team.

Our deliberate choice was to build a Hub Solution with the convenience of consolidated management and billing, 

but with the flexibility of chosen affiliate partners in each jurisdiction that provide the highest quality work.

Our relationships and volume of work allows us not only to negotiate the lowest rates for the best service, but also to ensure highest quality through the ability to change our local team when needed.


Simple and fast operations. Less bureaucracy. Portfolio management across Latin America.

Multi-jurisdictional Power of Attorney

Single Invoice

Blended Rates

We simplify the process of legalization of powers of attorney, in order to meet all the specificities of the jurisdictions and take care of all the bureaucracy for ours clients.

It doesn´t matter if the service are performed in one or ten jurisdictions – we can compile all the services provided in just one invoice.

Pre-agreed professional fees for the same services provided, divided in 02 sub-regions in LATAM (Continental Latin America and Caribbean), providing greater budget predictability and more competitive rates for our clients.


We focus on speed to market, using the power of technology to automate certain steps of patent and trademark prosecution, and give you more immediate ways to monitor the status of the properties you entrust to our care.

IP management system: DANSPI
We use a proprietary IP management system, DANSPI. Data input quality control is fundamental to our business model.

IP responsiveness
DANSPI allows our team to seamlessly absorb considerable volumes of work and maintain SLA-based (Service Level Agreement) turnaround deadlines, such as a 24h/48h average turnaround for handling new filings or answering e-mails and invoicing.

Integration with other docketing platforms
We support you using different client platforms. Our proprietary analytical tools are designed to integrate seamlessly into other management platforms, avoiding the need to learn and operate separate, stand-alone data and analytics systems.

Audit and management
The quality of our local team is measured through an automated portal system that directly and automatically tracks and audits key performance indicators (KPIs). Every quarter, our designated program manager audits the results by pulling data sets and comparing them to base data points to confirm accuracy.

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